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Slim Browser 4.05.002


[ Ethereal 0.10.11 ] [ ChrisTV Lite 4.50 ]
Pubblicato da Macao il 06/05/2005 alle 00:00

Slim Browser 4.05.002

Un interessante browser disponibile in due versioni, di cui la LITE implementa solo la lingua Inglese e non ha skin supplementari; questo browser basato sul morore di IE presenta molte interessanti feature :
  • Multiple site browser based on tab-page interface
  • Seamless integration with AI RoboForm FormFiller/Password Manager
  • Built-in Popup Killer based on intelligent identification and pre-defined filtering Site windows killed by mistake are FULLY RECOVERABLE
  • Ability to turn on/off Flash Animation
  • Built-in web form spell checker
  • Universal URL Filter: Block ad banners, flash animations, iframes or any components within any web pages by URL patterns
  • Built-in RSS News Rendering Engine; now you can read RSS news directly inside SlimBrowser without additional RSS Reader software
  • ActiveX Filter: block obtrusive dialogs prompting you to install unsafe ActiveX controls
  • Convenient access to major search engines by Quick-Search Bar
  • Seamless integration of most Internet Explorer toolbars
  • ScriptPad: Built-in VBScript/Jscript/HTML/Text editor. View screenshot
  • Hidden Sites : hide and show a site at users' request
  • Skinned window frame
  • Free-zooming of any web page
  • AutoLogin: automatically connect and log into specified website with just one click
  • Seamless integration with online translation engine and dictionaries
  • Ability to suppress script error message dialog
  • Site Group: Open and save a collection of sites as a group
  • Flexible control of startup actions
  • URL Alias: Type short alias instead long URL

Homepage:FlashPeak, Inc
Sistema operativo:95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
Download:Slim Browser Lite Edition 4.05.002 [ 1.04 MB ]
Download:Slim Browser 4.05.002 [ 1.49 MB ]

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[ Ethereal 0.10.11 ] [ ChrisTV Lite 4.50 ]