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BitComet 0.68


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Pubblicato da Macao il 30/05/2006 alle 00:00

BitComet 0.68


BitComet è un ottimo client per il file sharing sul network p2p BitTorrent. Scritto in C , supporta download simultanei, multi-tracking, code, download di singoli file di un package torrent, resume, chat, cache disco, impostazione velocità, mappaggio porte, proxy, filtri ip, ecc.


Home Page BitComet
Sistema Operativo 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
Licenza Freeware
Download BitComet 0.68 [ 2.58 MB ] Installer

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BitComet 0.71


Changelog v0.71 02.09.2006

* GUI Improved: Add "Move file to..." function to task list context menu
* GUI Improved: Add task catalog manage functions to "download complted" task queue context menu in favorites list
* GUI Improved: Add task catalog set and locate functions to task list context menu
* GUI Improved: Improve task list display algorithm, decrease CPU usage
* GUI Improved: Add Half-Open TCPIP connection limitation modafication for Windows XP SP2, in Preferences dialog
* GUI Improved: redesign "tast automatic stop" settings in Preferences dialog
* GUI Improved: remove task pause, resume operation
* GUI Improved: remove "Global Log" window, in which the infomation displayed is merged into "Statistics" window
* GUI Improved: Improved crash report program, send crash report to server directly instead of using email
* GUI Bugfix: fix the bug that the BCTP link is not displayed correctly if opened from internal browser in BitComet
* GUI Bugfix: fix the bug that the music in webpage of video play window does not stopped after video play starts
* Core Improved: no longer depends on MSXML3, no need to install MSXML3 in windows 98
* Core Improved: improved file piece request algorithm, increase the launch speed of online video play
* Core Improved: more program run-time error can be detected by the crash report
* Core change: Chat, Proxy, NAT Traversal via UDP, IP block rules is removed temporarily
* Core Improved: kernal code reconstruction
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