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webcamXP 1.02.535


[ Alcoholer 3.0 ] [ Fresh UI 5.70 ]
Pubblicato da Flying Luka l'11/04/2003 alle 00:00

Rilasciata una nuova versione di webcamXP Pro e free , ottimo programma dedicato alla creazione di siti web in grado di mostrare in tempo reale le immagini riprese dalla vostra webcam.

Ecco le caratteristiche della versione free:

very easy to setup
you can use video for windows / directX sources or stream from a local file
flash client module with images smoothing
fast & double buffered java client module
integrated http server
automatically refreshes at the maximum speed if no limit fixed
no need to open an account on a website the server is on your computer
internal site colors / background customization

Quella pro invece in più ha:

supports up to 5 video sources on the same computer
http server AND ftp upload mode integrated
motion detector and alert manager (email / local capture / ...)
generates and share a gallery from your latest pictures
ban ip / password protect to prevent unwanted visitors
add you text over the picture
detailed visitors activites / log files
customize the position, the size or even add stroke to your overlay texts
real-time effects can be added over your pictures
remote administation
integrated chat system
audio streaming feature (live source / from file) (experimental and still in dev.)

Homepage: Darkwet Network
Sistema operativo: Windows 98//ME/NT/2000/XP
Licenza: Shareware e Free
Download: webcamXP Pro 1.02.435 [1191 Kb]
Download: webcamXP Free 1.02.535 [1191 Kb]

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[ Alcoholer 3.0 ] [ Fresh UI 5.70 ]