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Avant Browser 10 b029


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Pubblicato da Gervy il 20/10/2004 alle 00:00

Avant Browser 10.0 Build 029

Rilasciata una nuova versione di Avant Browser la 10.0 Build 029. Avant Bronswer è un fantastico multi-window browser gratuito che si appoggia sul motore di Internet Explorer. Il software aggiunge alcune funzioni interessanti.

Ecco alcune funzione aggiuntive di Avant:

Flash Animation Filter
Built-in Pop-up Stopper
Additional Mouse Functions
Multi-Window Browsing
Real Full Screen Mode and Alternative Full Desktop mode
Built-in Google Search Engine
Excellent user support
Safe Recovery
AI-RoboForm Plug-in for Avant Browser


Homepage:Avant Browser
Sistema operativo:Windows 9x/ME/NT/XP/2000
Download:Avant Browser 10.0 Build 29 [2.7 Mb]

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Avant Browser 10.0 Build 029, Released: 10.19.2004
  • Fixed the bug that result in GDI/Memory Leak.
  • Fixed the bug of Fav-Icon downloader that might result in instable problem.
  • Re-arranged Options Windows.
  • Improved translations

Avant Browser 10.0 Build 027, Released: 10.15.2004
  • Built-in XML RSS/ATOM Feeds Reader
  • Floating Bar for selected Text (Copy, Search, Find, Highlight...)
  • Floating Bar for Flash Movie (Save, Play in Player, emailing, Block...)
  • Floating Bar for Image (Save, View in Viewer, Zoom in/out, emailing...)
  • New Message Handling, Improved Stability and CPU usage.
  • Improved Memory Usage, it's faster with large number of windows opened.
  • Send a whole page with email
  • Page Zooming
  • Support IE Privacy Report
  • Support IE Security Zones
  • Improved screen/desktop mode, all panels can be hidden automatically.
  • Show URL as tooltips for blocked Popups.
  • Show URL as tooltips for blocked ADs.
  • Improved Popup Blocker, more popups will be blocked
  • Save HTML Source of a webpage
  • Display a list of links to select, when opening/recovering last time saved/opened web pages
  • Fixed Web Page Printing Bug for certain computers
  • Fixed the bug that cannot start in Limited User Account.
  • Countless internal polishes

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