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AutoGK 2.26


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Pubblicato da Gervy il 12/12/2005 alle 00:00

AutoGK 2.26 finale

Auto Gordian Knot è un semplice ma potente tool in grado di convertire in avi (DivX o Xvid) i propri dvd. Una guida del programma in inglese è disponibile in questa pagina.

Questo è il changelog:

fixed bug in handling 60fps FILM sources
fixed bug when minimum width setting was not respected in some cases
fixed bug in persisting "No Audio/No subs" options for consequent opened files
fixed "help" link on about window
fixed bug when AutoGK goes into loop of error message if no XviD is found and DivX version is unsupported
GREATLY improved speed of analysis step for AVI input sources
"Unknown language" label is no longer put into AVI audio stream comments
fixed "cartoon" hidden option propagation for latest XviD
added support for all DivX versions starting with 6.0.3 build 1697 (plain 6.0.0 is no longer supported)
updated french and portuguese tutorials
DGIndex is updated to version 1.4.5
avisynth is updated to version 2.5.6a
lame is updated to version 3.97b2
XviD 1.1 build of 09/12/05 is bundled
version 2.26 fixed undersized files with latest XviD and 2.25 - use only XviD bundled!

Homepage: AutoGK
Sistema operativo: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Licenza: Freeware
Download: Auto Gordian Knot 2.26 stabile [ 1.9 MB ]

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