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The GIMP 2.2.13


[ Tunnelier 4.18 ] [ Acala 3GP Movies Free 2.3.2 ]
Pubblicato da Thor il 25/08/2006 alle 00:00

GIMP 2.2.13

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) è un'alternativa Open Source a Photoshop, il famoso e potente software di manipolazione immagini.
Sono disponibili vari tutorials, ed un ottimo manuale in Italiano.

Più infoGIMP
Sistemi operativiWindows, Linux, Mac OS X
DownloadGTK+ 2 Runtime Environment 2.8.18 [4,87 MB]
da installare prima di GIMP su Windows
DownloadGIMP 2.2.13 [7,56 MB]
DownloadGIMP 2.2.13 [12,3 MB]
DownloadGIMP Animation Package 2.2.0 [2,48 MB]
DownloadGIMP Animation Package 2.2.0 [4,10 MB]
DownloadGIMP per Mac OS X pagina di riferimento

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 In evidenza Spia chiunque tramite cavo USB
il link del setup per windows è corretto ma il file di setup è sballato, va a buon termine ma all'avvio gimp dice che mancan dei file, infatti sul sito di gimp-windows di sourceforce c'è scritto fixed installer.. dvono aver rilasciato una prima versione cannata..
sul sito

c'è il GAP 221, ma è il sorgente
GIMP 2.3.11 (11-09-2006)

Quota :
Changes in GIMP 2.3.11
- depend on newer versions of glib, gtk+ and pango and use some of the new
features in these libraries
- made Ctrl-P the default shortcut for Print
- show progress when loading/saving XCF files
- added support for 16/32 bit bitmaps and alpha channel to the BMP plug-in
- if possible, detect the number of CPUs
- allow to disable the build of the Script-Fu extension
- many improvements to the Python bindings and the pygimp user interface
- made message dialogs transient for the progress window
- added PDB API for creating a selection from vectors
- further improved status bar messages for tools
- derive ByColorSelect and FuzzySelect tools from a common base class
- finer control over select-by-color functionality
- minor optimizations in the drawing code
- abstract brush outline drawing into the common base class GimpBrushTool
- store sample points in XCF files
- added extended PDB API for selection procedures
- added convenience API to libgimp that creates a layer from a GdkPixbuf
- added midpoint handles to Scale tool for scaling with fixed width or height
- let color picker tools select a matching color in the Palette Editor
- allow to use foreground and background color in gradients
- added first draft of a new Healing Brush tool
- abstract clone tool functionality into the common base class GimpSourceTool
- improvements to the new selection tools
- don't wake up the gimp every so often
- added GimpHintBox widget to libgimpwidgets
- bug fixes and code cleanup
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