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Zortam Mp3 Media Studio 7.50


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Pubblicato da Macao il 23/10/2007 alle 03:11

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio 7.50


Zortam Mp3 Media Studio è una applicazione all in one che implementa un ID3 Tag, un CD Ripper che supporta il database CDDB; le caratteristiche principali sono:
  • Mp3 Organizer
  • Load 100000 Mp3's and more with the speed of light
  • ID3 Tag Editor(Mp3 Tag Editor) with seperate views for - ID3v1 and ID3v2.4 Tags
  • Burn Audio or Mp3 CD (CD Burner)
  • Create Artist-Album folders when ripping CD
  • Add Lyric and Pictures to ID3 tags
  • Batch Mp3 Normalize (set custom volume in dB for normalization)
  • Find song lyric on the internet (Lyric Finder)
  • Batch lyric and cover picture download from the internet (Batch Lyric-Cover Finder)
  • Batch Mp3 cover art downloads
  • Batch Search for song lyric from the internet
  • Batch add cover arts to ID3v2 tag from folder using folder picture
  • Create Lyric Book
  • CD Ripper with covers/lyric support that uses freedb (Internet Compact Disc Database) and automatically writes ID3v1 and ID3v2.4 tags and downloads cover arts and lyrics as you rip your CD
  • Mp3 Wav File Converter
  • Playlist Manager
  • Synchronize ID3 Tags
  • Write ID3 Tags from filename
  • Music Library Reports
  • Search Mp3 library
  • Copy ID3v1 tags to ID3v2 tags
  • Copy ID3v2 tags to ID3v1 tags
  • Remove - Delete ID3 Tags (ID3 Tag Remover)
  • Remove Art/Picture or Lyric Tags(ID3 Tag Remover)
  • Delete, Copy, Rename Mp3 files
  • Export ID3 tags to HTML or CSV files
  • Generate reports using ID3 Tags
  • Search for duplicate Mp3's
  • Batch file rename using ID3 tags(Mp3 Renamer)
  • Write ID3 Tags From FileName
  • Searching media for duplicate Mp3 files
  • Automatically update mp3 tags using
  • Buy music directly from application using (International), Barnes&
  • Convert Audio CD to MP3/Wav using FreeDb
  • Search for song info and if you wish buy it directly from
  • Save karaoke and midi files directly to ID3 tag
  • Add karaoke (Kar) and midi (Mid) files directly to ID3 tag, keep them together in Mp3 file and play either Mp3 or Kar file from the single Mp3 file
  • Take your Zortam Mp3 Lib (zor) with you
  • Automatically synchronize ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags as you browse your computer
  • Listen Net Radio radio station
  • Download music online from eMusic, Napster, RealNetworks and others


Home Page Zortam
Sistema Operativo Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Licenza Freeware
Download Zortam Mp3 Media Studio 7.50 [ 5,22 MB ] Installer

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