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Word CD label


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Pubblicato da Flying Luka il 19/07/2002 alle 00:00

Ci è stato segnalato un carinissimo APPLET per MS Word che premette di realizzare etichette CD in modo facile ed immediato.
Del tutto gratutito, permette con pochi click di creare etichette per i vs. CD , dall'aspetto quasi professionale.

Feature incluse:

- Easy to use -- if you can use Word you can make beautiful Jewel Cases, CD Booklets and Labels.
- Use it to make DVD Labels, too!
- Supports industry standard label layout formats including those from Avery, Neato, Stomper, HP, 3-Up and many more!
- Make covers that really will wow your customers -- for a fraction of the cost of the local printer!
- Add custom graphics, logos, line drawings, or even scanned in pictures.
- Makes the front, inside, back, and spine covers. Or create a booklet insert.
- Also creates CD Labels for printing on adhesive label sheets -- design professional labels for media distribution, demo audio CDs, and so much more.
- Supports mini Business Card CD Label sheets.
- Create DVD Case Inserts with a special template designed just for DVD cases!
- Perfect for any CD jewel case.
- Perfect for small batches or any quantity.
- Includes over 10 custom templates to meet ANY design need.
- Quick and easy -- you can create custom covers in just a few minutes.
- Works great with color laser and inkjet printers.
- Super Results -- almost no effort required for a great looking, professional output.

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