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Comodo Internet Security 3.9.76924


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Pubblicato da Macao il 14/05/2009 alle 00:10

Comodo Internet Security 3.9.76924


Comodo Internet Security è un firewall-Antivirus gratuito, ma molto potente e con controlli molto avanzati, è uno dei firewall sempre ai primi posti nelle comparazioni anti-leak (ad esempio quella di matousec), e ultimamente tra i preferiti degli utenti, smaliziati e non.



Comodo Firewall Pro
Sistema Operativo Windows XP/Vista
Licenza Freeware
Download Comodo Internet Security 3.9.76924 (32bit) [ 72,2 MB ] Installer
Download Comodo Internet Security 3.9.76924 (64bit) [ 73,8 MB ] Installer

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What's New in 3.9.76924.507?

NEW! Multilingual Support: CIS now supports other languages
NEW! Stateful File Inspection for Realtime Virus Scanner
NEW! Integrated In Memory Virus Scanner(i.e. Integrated BOClean)
NEW! LivePCSupport is provided as a 30 Day Trial <--- (attenzione)
IMPROVED! Default popup layout changed to the basic layout in order to encourage the use of it
IMPROVED! Stronger Defense+ protection: New types of defenses are added e.g. Clipboard logging, Keyboard input blocking etc.
IMPROVED! Keyboard and Screen access alerts are improved and number of false positives are reduced
IMPROVED! Stronger Defense+ protection while the Windows is Booting/Shutting down
IMPROVED! Stronger Default Firewall policy in order to better hide from attackers(Thanks to feedback from our forum moderator Ronny)
IMPROVED! Configuration Management window is changed
IMPROVED! Submission functionality for the Quarantined items added
FIXED! Avntivirus heuristics does not detect some files properly
FIXED! Defense+ BO protection incompatible with Spy Swepper virus scanner.
FIXED! CIS does not validate digital certificates properly
FIXED! CIS blocks some application from being executed
FIXED! BSOD while CIS is being uninstalled
FIXED! CIS does not detect some types of shellcodes upon a BO attack
FIXED! CIS erroneously reports buffer overflow attacks for some applications under certain circumstances
FIXED! CIS does not scan specially created RAR files properly (, first reported by Thierry Zoller)
FIXED! CIS creates duplicate file name entries for some protected file access alerts
FIXED! Right click scanner reports "Antivirus Engine is not initialized"
FIXED! Threatcast registration does not work properly(This bug caused some users unable to see TC statistics)
FIXED! CIS occasionally crashes while submitting the files
FIXED! CIS firewall drivers sometimes cannot be restored by the diagnostics utility
FIXED! CIS did not scan NTFS streams during manual scanning
FIXED! Windows Logon Screen is shown when CIS is installed under certain circumstances(Windows created a password bug)
FIXED! CIS causes system performance to degrade after prolonged time of network data transfer

The fololowing languages have been included with this release:
Arabic Brazilian Chineese(Simplified) Chineese(Traditional) Czech Danish Dutch Estonian Finnish French German Italian Japaneese Polish Portugeese Romanian Russian Slowak Swedish

non riesco a capire se e' compatibile con windows 7, ma probabilmente lo e' gia'.
propongo di cambiare dunque le bandierine sui link di dwnld...

tanto per essere pignoli......
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