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Nvu 0.90


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Pubblicato da Gervy il 13/03/2005 alle 00:00

Nvu 1.0 Beta pre-Release 4 (0.90)

Continua lo sviluppo di Nvu, un nuovo ambiente di editing web basato sulla piattaforma di Mozilla e sul motore grafico di Gecko.



Sistema operativo: Windows 98/2000/XP / Linux
Licenza: Freeware
Download: Nvu 0.90 [6 Mb]

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Change Log

* pinger now allows connection settings
* text selection now allowed in Validator's result window
* DIV now added to Block format dropdown and menu (requested by Beth Epperson)
* link to "Localizing Nvu" added to Help menu
* Theme Manager was not showing "Restart Nvu to use theme"
* the Link dialog has now a "this is an email address" checkbox so people don't have to know the syntax of mailto URLs (that's a VERY frequent feedback)
* the Link dialog can now handle the target attribute in the MoreOrFewer section
* PHP and Comments now hidden in Preview mode and correctly displayed in AllTags mode.
* new default theme, icons designed by Linspire Inc.
* Mac OS X need-to-quit-twice bug fixed
* Printing was horked. Printing a document was always printing the document in the last window's tab
* the pinger and the Tip of the Day were not launched if the app starts with the Site Manager hidden.
* table cell properties were allowing attribute modification only once
* much faster Source-to-Normal switch

Known problems

* vertical resizing of a table using the mouse also changes the width of the table by a few pixels
* pasting text in the Source View overwriting an existing selection has bugs if initial selection was made clicking on line numbers

[ FileZilla 2.2.12a ] [ Tweak-XP Pro 4.05 ]