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RJ TextEd 5.00


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Pubblicato da Macao il 10/04/2009 alle 03:39

RJ TextEd 5.00


RJ TextEd è uno strumento per lo sviluppo web, e un editor di testo unicode, con funzionalità come evidenziazione sintassi, modalità avanzata colonne, raggruppamento del codice, controllo ortografia, supporto emails, ricerca avanzata; tra le caratteristiche principali troviamo:
  • Auto completion: Works with html tags, CSS properties and classes.
  • Code folding: Fold collapsible text blocks for easier editing.
  • Column mode: Column editing. Some wizards are available.
  • ASCII and binary files: The editor handles these as well.
  • Html tag wizards: There are several included for creating tables, frames...
  • CSS editor: Install and use TopStyle Lite as your CSS editor. All html wizards support TopStyle.
  • FTP client: Manage your site and synchronize your local and remote folders.
  • Sidebar: Here you can access two file explorers, text clips, code explorer, FTP client...
  • Conversion: The editor can convert between code pages, Unicode formats and text formats.
  • UTF-8: This format is sometimes used without a BOM to identify the file type. RJ TextEd handle these to.
  • Html validation: Validate, format and repair your html code using wizards.
  • Tools: There are several tools installed like the syntax editor or the charmap utility.
  • Mozilla (Firefox) control: per visualizzare files Html, ASP, PHP, Javascript e XSLT nel browser.
  • Skin builder: per creare o modificare skins.


HomePage RJ TextEd
Sistema Operativo Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Licenza Freeware
Download RJ TextEd 5.00 [ 7,80 MB ] Installer
Download RJ TextEd 5.00 [ 8,50 MB ] Standalone
Download Italian file [ 20,0 KB ] * Traduzione incompleta

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Quota :
Version 5.0
April 9, 2009

Added a few new options.

* Save bookmarks: Save and restore bookmarks when the file is opened the next time.
* Save read-only status: Save and restore the read-only status when the file is opened the next time.
* You can now add tool items to both the quickbar and the editor toolbar.
* Tool option to run a tool in the background.
* Tool option to save current file if modified.
* Wordwrap options: Wrap at window edge, wrap at right margin.

Spell check

Changed the dll and made it possible to add user defined words to the dictionary. You can edit those words in the Add-ons dialog.

Also fixed a few small issues.

Project menu

Added a project menu.

Syntax file options

Added two new options for syntax files.

OnlyHighlightInBlock=Yes|No - this is used in the CSS syntax to only highlight text within { ... } blocks.

EndOpenBlockAt= - this is used in the JavaScript syntax to enable highlighting of regex modifiers.


Made the ruler smaller. A click on the ruler will move the right margin to that position.

In wordwrap mode, a click on the ruler will make the text wrapped at that position (right margin).


A mouse click on the ruler will move the right margin to the mouse position and the text will be wrapped at the new right margin.

Customize toolbars

Added new buttons to be used in the customization dialog.


Made some changes to enable search and replace in hex view and with binary files.

Added detection of UTF-8 files w/o BOM in extended search.


Changed the install creation software to InnoSetup. You should now be able to install in a multi user environment (several user accounts).

Script function

Added a new script function to direct the output of a running tool to a file (RunAppAndWaitF). I also made it possible to open a file as read-only.


Fixed a large number of issues.
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