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[ Powerstrip 3.18 finale ] [ Nero Runner 1.0 ]
Pubblicato da Flying Luka il 09/06/2002 alle 00:00

Nuova release di MBM (Motherboard Monitor), la famosa utility per controllare e avere sottocchio le temperature della motherboard e della cpu, la velocità dellle ventole tachimetriche.

Ecco i cambiamenti tra la release e la
  • Using new Shared memory structure, this means that programs using the MBM SM will need to be updated
  • 32 Temperatures are now supported
  • 6 Voltages are now supported (voltage 1-7 are fixed) those above can be set to custom or any other voltage if those are detected
  • 16 Fans are now supported
  • Detection of Asus SmartDoctor 2.x being installed which allowes readout of Asus Geforce cards via MBM
  • Added advanced features (startup delay, temp based on fan speed, smbus scan range), see help file for details
  • Asus P4B533 supported
  • Extra sub voltage for Winbond HF
  • Option to turn of the alarm beep
  • 2 tone alarm beep via PC speaker
  • added to OSD syntax
  • Support for the 2N3904 diode type on certain winbond sensor chips
  • Dashboard X&Y are saved per user

    Miglioramenti tra la release e la
  • XP fast user switch issue resolved
  • Temperature 10 not showing correct in tray
  • Fan dividor not being set correctly in certain rare cases
  • Custom option not appearing in temperature list

    Sistema operativo : Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP
    Licenza : Freeware
    Download : MBM (1.51 MByte)
    Localizzazioni : MBM Extra Languages (296 KByte)
    Mirror : MBM mirror

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    [ Powerstrip 3.18 finale ] [ Nero Runner 1.0 ]