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Driver Voodoo4/5


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Pubblicato da Flying Luka il 22/02/2001 alle 00:00
X3dfx ha rilasciato dei nuovi driver per le Voodoo 4000 e 5000, ecco quanto riportato da NT compatible: we have released a new Win9x and Win2K driver that fixes the FSAA problem in the previous release. This is the only modification that has been made to these drivers. Here is a summary of what was added to this driver in the previous release: Support for the following new DX8 features: ·Developers can now program multisample (or T-buffer) effects using the DX8 API. ·There is support for hardware accelerated pointsprites. ·The type of multisample support used by the DX8 SDK samples in fullscreen mode can now be selected using the dropdown box provided. The drivers had numerous bug fixes but we lost access to the database, so we can’t detail them. Know problems fixed include D3D issues with multitexturing, wireframe support, frame stuttering in windowed apps and texture corruption issues. The effort in the last release was concentrated on adding DX8 support and new features first. Performance optimizations were not specifically addressed. I would just like to thank you all again for your support. As I said in the last announcement, we are now doing work of a new company and that leaves no time of any future driver work. If a major problem comes up, we might try and give support, but no promises.
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