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Phoenix 0.1


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Pubblicato da Flying Luka il 24/09/2002 alle 00:00

Phoenix è un nuovo bronswer leggero e veloce nato da un progetto di

If you thought Mozilla was too slow. Check this project out. It's quite zippy!

Ecco alcune caratteristiche di questo bronswer:

  • Customizable toolbar

  • The Phoenix toolbar is easily and quickly re-configured. Users can re-order the buttons and addressbar, can show large or small icons, and can chose to display buttons and text, text only of buttons only. The feature, available from the View|Customize Toolbar... dialog is a convenient way for the user, not the application, to determine what works best for her.

  • Quicksearch for Bookmarks and History
    The Bookmarks and History managers contain a quicksearch bar for quickly and easily filtering the list of bookmarks or history items. Quicksearch makes managing these lists faster and much more convenient.

  • Speed, Speed, and Speed
    Phoenix was designed with performance as a primary goal. The XUL experts built a browser that starts in nearly half the time of Mozilla and its commercial derivatives. New windows also snap into existence almost twice as fast as Mozilla and commercial derivatives.

  • Overhauled Bookmarks Manager

  • Phoenix fixes lots of common problems with the bookmarks manager, and adds new undo/redo capability.

  • New Look
    The Phoenix browser has a fresh new look that combines the stylish icons of the Orbit theme with respect for the system colors/skins/fonts of the Mozilla Classic theme.

  • Reasonable Default Settings
    The Phoenix developers believe that the browser should just "do the right thing". They have configured behaviors for pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, and other features to simply "do the right thing".

    Sistema operativo: Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP - LINUX
    Licenza: Freeware
    Download: Phoenix 0.1 [8.5 MB] WINDOWS
    Download: Phoenix 0.1 [10.5 MB] LINUX

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