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Areca Backup 5.0.1a


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Pubblicato da Thor il 05/06/2007 alle 00:00

Areca Backup 5.0.1a

Areca Backup è un'ottima soluzione per il backup:
  • Backup Engine Features :
    • Archives compression (Zip & Zip64 format)
    • Archives encryption (Triple DES & AES encryption algorithm)
    • Storage on local hard drive, network drive, USB key, FTP / FTPs server (with implicit and explicit SSL / TLS)
    • Source file filters (by extension, subdirectory, regular expression, size, date, status, usage)
    • Incremental / Full backup support
    • Archives merges / deletion : You can merge contiguous archives in one single archive or safely delete your latest archives.
    • As of date recovery : Areca allows you to recover your archives (or single files) as of a specific date.
    • Transaction mechanism : All critical processes (such as backups or merges) support a transaction mechanism (with commit / rollback management) which guarantees your backups' integrity.
    • Backup reports : Areca generates backup reports that can be stored on your disk or send by email.
    • Post backup scripts : Areca can launch shell scripts after backup.
    • Files permissions backup. (Linux only)
  • Graphical User Interface :
    • Archives content explorer. (including a 'find file in archives' feature)
    • Archive description : A manifest is associated to each archive, which contains various informations such as author, title, date, description, and some technical data.
    • File history explorer : Areca keeps track of your file's history (creation / modifications / deletion) over your archives.
    • Backup simulation : useful to check wether a backup is necessary
    • User's actions history : Areca keeps an history of all user's actions (archives deletion, merges, backups, recoveries).
    • Archive's indicators : Areca computes a lot of indicators for you, which will help you in the everyday management of your archives.
  • Command-Line Interface :
    • Areca comes with a command-line interface which can be used for backup automation.

Più infoAreca Backup by Olivier Petrucci
Sistemi operativiMultipiattaforma (Java enabled)
LicenzaOpen Source GPL v2
DownloadAreca Backup 5.0.1a [3,97 MB]
DownloadAreca Backup 5.0.1a [15,9 MB] platform independent

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