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jv16 PowerTools 2007,


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Pubblicato da Thor il 25/07/2007 alle 17:33

jv16 PowerTools 2007


Nuova versione 2007 per jv16 PowerTools, un software che, oltre ad eseguire la pulizia del registro di Windows, integra molte funzioni per la pulizia e le performances del sistema operativo.

Molte novità per jv16 PowerTools 2007; le principali sono:
  • New registry cleaner engine and user interface - The very first stateful registy cleaner ever made. The new engine doesn't analyze the registry entry by entry but as a whole, a single registry error can be relating to numerous registry entries and keys.
  • New software uninstallation engine - the Software Manager is more accurate and can detect more leftover data than before. The tool can now also detect files and folders related to the software that is being uninstalled, not only registry data.
  • New history cleaning engine and user interface - the History Cleaner can find more history data and MRU (most recently used) lists from both the registry and hard drives than before. And thanks to the fully redesigned user interface the tool is even easier to use.
  • New user interface elements, such as new main graphics, new kind of message reporting, more detailed error reporting for advanced users and so on.
Aggiornamenti di jv16 PowerTools
  • Included a brand new user interface to the entire product.
  • Fixed three bugs from the registry cleaner engine which caused the Registry Cleaner not to list certain types of registry errors.
  • Added support for boolean search queries, for example, you can now use search words like "foo" AND "bar" which would result only items containing both "foo" and "bar". In order to use boolean searches, select Case insensitive wildcard search from the Search Method tab of the specific tool, e.g. Registry Finder or File Finder.
  • Added support for drag and drop search directories, now you can drag and drop the directories for example from where to search with the File Finder.
  • Improved the startup speed of the program.
  • Added Czech and Slovak translations.


Homepage jv16 Power Tools by Macecraft Software
Sistemi operativi Windows
Licenza Shareware 30gg, 29.95$ (licenza per 5 PC)
Download jv16 PowerTools 2007 [2,30 MB]
Download jv16 PowerTools 2007 [3,01 MB]
comprensivo di Manuale Utente (Inglese)
Download Manuale utente v2006 (Inglese) [817 KB]


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