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JkDefrag 3.24


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Pubblicato da Thor il 04/09/2007 alle 00:00

JkDefrag 3.24

JkDefrag è un software di deframmentazione standalone (non necessita di installazione), gratuito (open source), automatico e facile da usare, che supporta anche dischi usb. Può girare come applicazione normale, come screensaver, o da linea di comando.

HomepageJkDefrag by J.K. Kessels
Sistemi operativiWindows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/X64
LicenzaOpen Source GPL
DownloadJkDefrag 3.24 [391 KB] 32bit
DownloadJkDefrag 3.24 [380 KB] 64bit

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 In evidenza Spia chiunque tramite cavo USB
8 release in 9 giorni!!??

IMHO l'autore potrebbe evitare di continuare a fare rilasci.
Quota :
- A final fix for the out-of-sequence problem. Beta tests by users show that the problem is now finally fixed.
- Bugfix for missing parameter in status message that caused JkDefrag to crash when it wanted to display the "Cannot find volume name for mountpoint" message. This message can happen when scanning the system for disks and a special volume is encountered such as a "subst" volume.
- The "25 largest items on disk" list in the statusreport is now sorted by (used) clusters instead of by (allocated) bytes.
- Fixed the progress percentage during analysis of NTFS volumes. It was counting too fast and reached 100% before analysis was complete.
- The "unmovable", "still fragmented", and "largest 25" lists in the report are now suppressed if empty.
- Directories on FAT disks cannot be moved, this is a known limitation of the Microsoft defragmentation API and not a bug in JkDefrag. To speed up things the program will now count the number of failed tries to move directories, and when it reaches 20 will ignore all directories.
c'è chi fa rilasci per ogni minimo cambiamento..c'è chi li fa per grosse modifiche al codice.

io sono sempre contento quando ci sono aggiornamenti. poi questa è un'utilità standalone, dunque non bisogna smanettare con disinstallazioni/reinstallazioni
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