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Sun xVM VirtualBox 1.6.4


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Pubblicato da Macao l'01/08/2008 alle 18:47

Sun xVM VirtualBox 1.6.4


Sun xVM VirtualBox consente di far girare contemporaneamente diversi sistemi operativi (Windows, Linux, ecc.) su un singolo PC, ciascuno con le proprie applicazioni.


Home Page innotek GmbH
Sistema Operativo Windows - Linux - Mac OS X
Licenza Open Source GPL
Download Sun xVM VirtualBox 1.6.4 [ 22,57 MB ] Installer
Download Sun xVM VirtualBox 1.6.4 [ 24,00 MB ]
Download Sun xVM VirtualBox 1.6.4 [ 27,60 MB ] Intel Mac

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è stata rilasciata la versione 1.6.6

VirtualBox 1.6.6 (released 2008-08-26)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

VMM: fixed excessive logging (bug #1901)
VMM: AMD-V stability fixes (bug #1685)
GUI: added support for Ctrl+Caps reversed keyboards (bug #1891)
SATA: fixed BSODs of Windows guests on a SATA disk (bug #1941)
SATA: fixed hard disk detection on Solaris 10 U5 (bug #1789)
VBoxHeadless: don’t start the clipboard service (bug #1743)
VBoxHeadless: added -vrdp parameter which allows to start the VM session without VRDP (bug #1960)
VBoxManage: fixes to creating raw disk/partition VMDK files, now accepts removable media on Windows (bug #1869)
VRDP: fixed communication with MS Remote Resktop Connection on MacOS X (bug #1337)
VRDP: clipboard fixes (bug #1410)
VRDP: fixed crash during PAM authentication (bug #1953)
Shared Folders: fixed a regression introduced in version 1.6.2: the shared folders service was sometimes not properly installed (Windows guests only, bug #1915)
Shared Folders: don’t deny to load a VM if a shared folder is not accessible (bug #822)
BIOS: allow to specify empty DMI strings (bug #1957)
OSE archive: added missing Makefiles (bug #1912)
Linux hosts: workaround for buggy gcc-4.3 compilers (e.g. openSUSE 11)
Linux hosts: one more fix for compiling the kernel modules on Linux 2.6.27 (bug #1962)
MacOS X hosts: shared folders unicode fix
Solaris hosts: fixed link issue (bug #1840)
Windows additions: allow to downgrade the package
Windows additions: fixed corrupted installer icon on Windows 2000 (bug #1486)
Windows additions: fixed bug when creating intermediate directories (bug #1870)
Windows additions: implemented /xres=, /yres= and /depth= switches for the installer (bug #1990)
Linux additions: properly unregister the misc device when unloading the kernel module
Linux additions: fixed startup order for recent Linux distributions again (e.g. openSUSE 11)
Linux additions: attempt to fix the autostart issue of !VBoxClient with Mandriva guests (bug #1699)
Linux additions: fixed detection of patched Linux 2.6.18 kernels of RHEL5 / FC6 / CentOS 5.2 (bugs #1899, #1973)
Linux additions: added new mount flags dmode, fmode, umask, dmask and fmask allowing to override the file mode (bug #1776)
Documentation: added a note that jumbo frames don’t work (bug #1877)
Documentation: document special host interface names on openSUSE11 (bug #1892)
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