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DrvImagerXP 1.3


[ SpeedFan 4.06 ] [ Mandrake Linux 9 RC2 ]
Pubblicato da Flying Luka l'08/09/2002 alle 00:00

DrvImagerXP è un piccolo software gratuito che permette di creare delle immagini per il backup dei nostri dati e del sistema operativo.

Ecco le caratteristiche indicate dagli autori del programma:

  • Unlike typical backup programs that copy files, DrvImagerXP makes backups (image files) of NTFS and FAT32 drive partitions (as well as floppy disks), for the Windows 2000/XP operating systems, by copying, byte-for-byte, the drive partition sectors.

  • The backup image file is an exact reproduction of the entire drive partition, including the boot sector, and every single low-level byte written to that partition by any program, including the operating system.

  • You'll never have install your operating system again! You can install it, make all your option changes and get it just right, then use DrvImagerXP to create a partition image that you could name "Fresh Install". If you need to go back to a brand new fresh installation of your operating system, you can restore the partition using the "Fresh Install" image in just a few minutes.

  • You can make partition images of different operating systems and swap them in and out at will!

  • Save floppy disk images for faster copying, or for archives.

  • Thrugh not as powerful and flexible as "Drive Image" or "Ghost" drive imaging programs, the simplicity, yet powerful capabilities of DrvImagerXP make it the favorite choice for many.

  • Homepage: lexunfreeware
    Sistema operativo: Windows Win2000/XP
    Licenza: freeware
    Download: DrvImagerXP 1.3 [482 Kb]

    THX a Cecco per avermelo fatto conoscere;)

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    [ SpeedFan 4.06 ] [ Mandrake Linux 9 RC2 ]