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QuickZip 3.06.03


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Pubblicato da Flying Luka il 23/08/2004 alle 00:00

QuickZip 3.06.03

QuickZip, localizzato anche in italiano, vi permetterà di creare-estrarre archivi in formato zip; presenta caratteristiche molto interessanti:

  • Built-in support for 19 types (or 33 extensions) of archives and encoding formats.
  • Provides full integration to the shell, including archive icons which associate different archives with different icons, context menus, tool tips, drag and drop and cut and paste.
  • Folder list, which shows the directory structure of files. New function: version control, when toggled on and when a new file is added will add the current date and time that that particular file was added. This will enable the user to store and pick different versions of files in the same archive.
  • Hot edit functions and besides hot edit, users will be asked to update if they run a file and make a modification to it.
  • Basic features include extract, add, sfx, run, install, checkout, virus scanning, spanning, multi-extract, batch zip, file list export to .txt, .htm and .pdf files, repairing zips and an internal mail client.
  • Other features include script support, archiver finder/converter and internal viewer.
  • Low memory consumption: QuickZip won't load the component until it is required to use it. Start-up memory usage is less than 4 MB.

Homepage: Joseph Leung
Sistema operativo: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Licenza: Freeware
Download: QuickZip 3.06.03 [ 3.30 Mb ]

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