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NASA World Wind


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Pubblicato da Macao il 21/02/2005 alle 00:00

Programma davvero interessante, in quanto vi permette di visualizzare il globo per mezzo delle informazioni ottenute dal satellite Landsat 7; ma sono molte le feature integrate
  • 3D Engine : World Wind allows any user to zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth
  • Blue Marble : World Wind has a full copy of the Blue Marble, a spectacular true-color image of the entire Earth
  • Land Sat 7 : Using World Wind, you can continue to zoom past Blue Marble and reveal the extremely detailed seamless mosaic
  • SRTM : Combining LandSat 7 imagery with Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) Data, World Wind can display a dramatic view of the Earth at eye level
  • NASA SVS : Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) has produced a set of visually intense animations that demonstrate a variety of subjects such as hurricane dynamics and seasonal changes across the globe
  • MODIS : Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer or MODIS produces a set of time relevant data that's updated every day
  • GLOBE : World Wind is capable of browsing through and displaying GLOBE data based on any time the user wants
  • Country & State Borders : World Wind has a complete set of borders that traces every country and state
  • Visual Tools : World Wind comes with a variety of visual guides that help the user's experience such as latitude and longitude lines, as well as extremely precise coordinate data

Vi linkiamo anche il download per gli Add-on Packs, per potere utilizzare il servizio off line.

A kilia Island, Greenland [ 40 MB ]
A laska, USA Major Cities, Iditarod Route [ 624 MB ]
Alp s over France, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria [ 195 MB ]
Australia: Eastern coast, Sydney, Western Australia, Northern Australia [ 136 MB ]
Br yce Canyon National Park, Utah. USA [ 40 MB ]
Denmark [ 252 MB ]
Detroit, Michigan. USA [ 61 MB ]
Glacier National Park, Montana USA [ 65 MB ]
Grand Canyon Arizona, USA [ 285 MB ]
Himalayas: General Area [ 165 MB ]
Hong Kong and Guangdong Province, China [ 73 MB ]
Machu Picchu, Peru [ 42 MB ]
Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei [ 420 MB ]
Mt. Fuji, Japan [ 50 MB ]
Mt. St. Helens Washington USA [ 106 MB ]
NAS A Ames Research Center California USA [ 20 MB ]
N ASA Dryden Flight Research Center California USA [ 20 MB ]
NASA Kennedy Space Flight Center Florida USA [ 14 MB ]
Nil e River, Africa [ 355 MB ]
Rio Tinto, Spain [ 45 MB ]
South Korea, Major Cities [ 186 MB ]
Unite d Kingdom [ 152 MB ]
Wh ite Island, New Zealand [ 20 MB ]
Yellowstone National Park Wyoming, Montana, Idaho USA [ 280 MB ]
Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park California USA [ 96 MB ]

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