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ATI Catalyst 3.0a


[ Windows Movie Maker 2 ] [ Antivirus Update ]
Pubblicato da Gervy l'11/01/2003 alle 00:00

Disponibili una nuova versione dei Catalyst drivers giunti alla versione 0.30a
Queste sono le note di rilascio relative a questa versione dei drivers CATALYST™.

RADEON™ 9700 / RADEON™ 9500 Series - OpenGL based games stutter after installing wxp-w2k-r9700-7-81-021213a-006924C.exe driver download package.
Running the games Zanzarah or Star Trek-Amada II at 1024x767 32bpp with Anti Aliasing enabled at 6x no longer results in a black screen display.
Selecting single player mode in Heavy Gear 2 has no longer results in display corruption when using the RADEON™ 9700 under Windows XP.
Display corruption is no longer seen around the start button when using the RADEON™ 8500 under Windows XP.
Running the game Serious Sam Second Encounter when using the RADEON™ 7000 under Windows XP, no longer results in a system hang when the display is set to a resolution of 1024x768 or higher.
Playing Quake3 at high quality setting would result in display corruption when firing a weapon. This issue occurred when using the RADEON™ 7500 under Windows XP,
After installing the display driver, the system no longer detects a standard TV instead of an HDTV.
Running the CyberLink PowerDVD application and moving the display window around either the Windows XP or 2000 desktop no longer results in a system hang.
Playing a DVD under the ATI MultiMedia centre in a Windows XP operating system with the All-in-Wonder™ 9700 PRO no longer results in low audio output.
Running ShadowBane under a Windows XP system with a RADEON™ 9700 card installed no longer results in the log-in screen appearing as white blocks

Questi sono le schede supportate:

RADEON 9700 Series

RADEON 9500 Series

RADEON 9100 Series

RADEON 9000 Series

RADEON 8500 Series

RADEON 7500 Series

RADEON 7200 Series

RADEON 7000 Series

Ecco i links dei CATALYST™ 03.0a WHQL certificati

ATI Catalyst 3.0a Drivers [6.4 Mb] Windows 2000/XP

ATI Catalyst 3.0a Drivers [7.2 Mb] Windows 98/ME

Pannello di controllo [11 Mb]

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