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SuSE Linux 8.0


[ Patch ISS server ] [ Bios Asus ]
Pubblicato da Billow il 23/04/2002 alle 00:00

E' stata realizzata ieri la versione 8.0 di una tra le migliori versioni di Linux

Le migliorie riguardano:

New Versions of Important System Components
Kernel 2.4.18
glibc 2.2.5
KDE 3.0
GNOME 1.4.1 RC1
SuSE Firewall 2
YaST Improvements and New Features
Revolutionary: the installation is performed with a few mouse clicks; following a brief system check, the "suggestion screen" offers useful suggestions for all major installation parameters (which can of course be modified manually)
New: Choice of mouse type
New: module for activating DMA for hard disks and CD-ROM drives
New: backup module
New: the complete selection of installed packages can be stored during the software installation
Improved: firewall setup
Improved: the hardware detection is performed automatically at the end of the installation; automatic detection and setup is also possible in the running system
Improved: network and mail setup
Improved: YaST2 in text mode
New in the Manuals and the Documentation
The manuals "Reference" and "Network" have been combined
Newcomer chapter instead of the previous "Quickinstall" manual
Description of the scanning program Kooka and the CD writing software KOnCD
Revised printer and scanner chapters
Description of the new installation routine
SuSETour online
Books can again be browsed in HTML and in the SuSE Help
Additional New Features and Improvements
Complete revision of the SuSE Help Center
Completely revised scanning program Kooka
New exciting games: Racer and Vegastrike
Now DVDs can be written (on the command line)
New sound driver software Alsa 0.9!
Complete revision of the previous /etc/rc.config, which was split into several configuration files in the new directory /etc/sysconfig

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